Discover How to Make Running Your Business Easier

Too shattered for your

Taking time off for your books when you’d rather be on the tools?

Too many late nights trying to tackle your paperwork?

Worried you’ll be judged for your paperwork being in a mess?

Wish your missus would do your bookkeeping but she doesn’t have time (or hates doing it)?

Stressed since you’ve got the ATO on your back?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Did you know: Tradies with a bookkeeper earn more $$$ since they have more time to spend on the tools?

Here at Tradies Bookkeeping we are on a mission to make your life easier by saving you time, reducing your stress and keeping your missus happy. We have a no BS policy and speak your language.

About us

Bettina, our founder, has more than twenty years experience in providing bookkeeping services and running her own small business. She started Tradies Bookkeeping after she and her partner, a sparkie, did a couple of renos. They witnessed first-hand tradies too busy to even send through their invoices. Bettina knew what this meant for their cash-flow and the problems this can cause both at work, and at home.

Our services

Would you have heaps more time for quoting, organising subbies, being on the tools, or spending time with your missus and kids, if you didn’t have to do your bookkeeping? At Tradies Bookkeeping we’re here to give you back your work days and weekends.



What needs to be done

We start by looking at exactly where you’re at and what needs to be done to get you up-to-date, to help you feel more at ease right off the bat.


Set up systems

Next we set up simple, easy-to-use systems that allow us to do your bookkeeping efficiently, to save you both time and money.


We get stuck into it

Lastly, we get stuck into it, and you won’t need to worry again since you’ll always be up-to-date.



We’re really easy to talk to.


No matter how far behind, or how much of a mess you’re in, we won’t judge you. We’ll just help you to get it sorted quick-smart.


You can count on us to do what we say.


You never need to ask twice and often don’t even need to ask once – it’s already been done!

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